Hi. Welcome to my website.

​My interests include technology, startups, investing, finance, strategy, data science, and customer analytics.

I write long-form posts on this website. I also write a newsletter called Under the Curve.

​Ten Second Bio

  • Bay Area, California
  • Director of Growth & Strategy at an AI startup
  • Former portfolio manager at a $1B investment firm
  • CFA; Wharton MBA
  • Career also includes work/consulting/projects relating to future mobility (worked a hyperloop startup), e-commerce (customer analytics), ad-tech, and other areas

Favorite Books

  • The Most Important Thing by Howard Marks - the most influential book on my investing philosophy, especially on the unpredictability of the future, the relationship between value and risk, and investor/market psychology
  • The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin - about the principles of learning from someone who mastered both mental (chess) and physical (martial arts) disciplines

Favorite Writers & Essays

  • Everything from Tim Urban (Wait But Why). The Tail End especially hits hard about how much time you have left for the important things. Tim’s magic quality is that he writes using metaphors/cartoons/illustrations and thinks in multiple dimensions, allowing for new and insightful takes on almost every topic.
  • Alex Danco - for his unique takes and ability to surface the underlying causes and motivations driving behavior. I especially like Social Capital in Silicon Valley and Positional Scarcity
  • Status as a Service by Eugene Wei - I am fascinated by status-seeking behavior and this (long) essay expertly dissects online social networks and why they succeed or fail.
  • Lawrence Yeo (More To That). The Release Ratio helped motivate me to write more.


steve dot last @ gmail