I’ve long enjoyed writing, though most of that creative output has been in the form of reports and commentaries during my career as an investor.

Personally, my writing has been more sporadic: a short story or two when I was young, infrequent travel journals, and random writing here and there.

But I have never really embraced writing and made it a bigger part of my life. I’m attempting to change that now by writing more and - importantly - publishing my work.

The main driver for me writing more is to learn and gain wisdom. I consume so much information but not enough of that sticks. Writing forces the brain to synthesize data, connect disparate pieces of information, form new ideas, and think more deeply about a topic. It is active learning rather than passive learning; and while more difficult, active learning is approximately a bazillion times more effective.

I also like having an outlet for communicating ideas I think are worth sharing. I have a long list built up of topics I want to dive into that I think are worth writing about. Some posts will be more on the professional side: on companies, technologies, investing topics, and the like. And some will be just things I think are interesting: habits, life, writing, etc.

Hopefully you find some of these interesting. Thanks for stopping by.